Garage Members Inspect Point Expanding, Growing Team and Services

Check out this story on Spectrum News Albany about our members Inspect Point! Jenn and Pat were our very first members here in the space, and we are so thrilled to have had the opportunity to watch their team grow and expand over the years!


As seen on Spectrum News: Inspect Point started six years ago, when its co-founders began writing code.

The online software allows companies to keep track of when fire systems need to be inspected. Prior to online programs, the work was done mostly by hand.

Having previously worked on different start-ups, the co-founders say they tapped into an industry largely ignored by the tech world.

“Now, whenever we walk into a building, we see the exit signs, we see the fire doors, we see the sprinkler systems. Before that, that stuff was just a blur. There’s this whole economy based upon protecting people and property,” says Padraic Doyle, CEO of Inspect Point.

Those at Inspect Point say the pandemic has helped grow their business. Fire systems need to be checked, regardless of what’s happening in the world.

The online platform streamlines the process, meaning it’s easier to forward what used to be time-consuming and tedious paperwork.

Inspect Point currently has 18 employees. It plans to nearly double that by the end of 2021.

“It’s something that we created and we’re helping people, and we’re also providing jobs for people, which is really, really cool,” says Jennifer Doyle, vice president of customer success.

Several local companies, such as North East Fire Protection Systems, use Inspect Point. It’s also used internationally.


The company works out of the Troy Innovation Garage.