Introducing “The Box” Podcast Studio

We’re so excited about The Box podcast studio, one of the newest additions to Troy Innovation Garage! As we evolve, we continue to update and introduce new elements into our space that our members can enjoy and use to create. We turned one of our small meeting areas into a podcast studio with some amazing wall decals from a local artist, state of the art podcast equipment, some inspirational messaging and art on the inside –and boom. We’ve got ourselves a recording space!

With this, we have also created a brand new PODCAST MEMBERSHIP for people who currently produce a podcast (or are looking to start one) while also having access to all the necessities needed to get started. Luckily, we have plenty of enthusiastic and tech savvy members in the space who are also happy to help lend a helping hand or ease the nerves by sharing advice on the best way to produce, edit and promote a podcast.

Here’s a quick look inside the studio, as well as some of our podcast members in action! Follow along with their shows and show support for some serious creativity happening here at the Garage.

The Making of The Box (thanks to our friend Leo,


Interested in getting started on your own podcast? Inquire with our community manager today! PS: Your first recording session is on us.