Limited Time Offer: The 3&3 Coworking Membership

Here at Aurelius Coworks. we are so thrilled to see life returning to normal in the downtown areas of Troy and Albany. Members are back in the spaces, summer is in full swing, and with the vaccine rolling out and restrictions being lifted across the state, we’re hoping more individuals will consider the option of coworking as a way to return to in-person work.

That’s why we are launching an exclusive offer, the “3&3” membership to encourage people to test out coworking at our communities Troy Innovation Garage and Bull Moose Club Albany. When you sign up for three consecutive months of coworking at either location, you will receive the following three months free of charge.

Consider it our personal “thank you” for sticking with us, staying safe and for being curious about the future of the workplace. We are eager to meet new faces, see connections being made, and to share the perks of having a creative, flexible open workspace to call home from 8-5. We provide the space, the amenities and the workspaces. You bring your to-do list and prepare to settle into a day’s worth of productive work.

Specific questions on how to sign up? Give us a call at 518-326-6407 for more information or send us an email to [email protected]. Now ready, set, cowork!