November Member Profile: Sam Suite, Dang!

#GarageMemberHighlight: Sam Suite, Dang!

Sam Suite is a Gameplay programmer and VFX artist at Dang!, an independent video game studio based in Upstate New York with “a focus on creating unusual, subversive video games.” As a founding member of the company, Sam has been with Dang! since its conception in 2018, the Team’s Senior Year at RPI. Prior to the formation of Dang!, Sam spent his time at RPI studying Computer Science and Game Design, making games, art and other creative disruptions with his friends.

Now, as a programmer and artist at Dang!, Sam helps bring to life the vision of a game’s design through code and digital art. The game they are currently working, Boomerang X, is their first commercial game and biggest project yet.

“It’s kind of scary to be working on something for so long and not know exactly what the future will hold with its release, but every step of the process is a learning experience which makes everything we’re doing here even more exciting,” he said.

In the past, games created by the Dang! team have been featured at world renown conferences such E3, GDC and by the International Game Developers Association. Their first game Dino Dearest, was made in a fit of inspiration over the course of a weekend for the 2018 RPI GameFest, an annual festival showcasing student games. It received critical acclaim both at the festival and in the online gaming community for its quirky story, beautiful characters and charming visual design.

Sam loves working at the Garage for many reasons, but the most prominent is its location and community. “Being in an actual office downtown has made an immeasurable difference for us. Working at the Garage has given us a mobility that we’ve never had before when we were working separately from our homes. It lets us maintain a really healthy work-life balance and has let us create a creative working space surrounded by positivity! It’s also so great to be able to bring Timber (my dog) to work with us, she’s always excited to meet new people.”

Sam and the Dang! team’s game Boomerang X is set to release sometime next year and we can’t wait to celebrate that accomplishment with them all! If you see Sam at the office, make sure to say “Hey!” The energy he brings to the Garage is always unique and we’re so glad to have him here!