Member Highlight: Zan Strumfeld, Zealous Scribbler

"Since running my own business, I've learned how to be the boss, employee, administrator, and accountant. Some days I wonder how I got here...But most of the time I know I'm right where I should be." - Zan strumfeld, Zealous Scribbler Literary Service

#GarageMemberHighlight What’s a literary assistant? Well, you could ask Zan Strumfeld, founder of Zealous Scribbler Literary Services. She’s your go-to for all self-publishing needs. Her skillset ranges from editorial oversight (large-scale editing, proofreading, ghost writing, manuscript prep) to marketing (websites, blogging, social media, branding, media kits) to event planning (running a book launch, speaking engagements).

Backed by a small team of award-winning designers and a lifelong love affair with books, Zan has been able to fuel her passion in a niche field while helping others do the same. With less than a year as a full-time business, Zan is currently working on developing the Scribbler on a much larger scale.

Zan defines why we built this space – for creatives to come, get inspired, get down to work and do really cool things. There’s a super bright future for this one!