Member Highlight: Vanta Partners

"Make it happen. If you don't, then someone else will." - Dean Iacovetti, Vanta Partners

#GarageMemberHighlight: Dean Iacovetti wasn’t sure what path he wanted to pursue in life. He went to law school and got a degree (because he was taught that you finish what you start), although he knew that wasn’t it. He stumbled into a career in recruiting and working 15 hour days and never looked back.

Within the last year, he established his own company called Vanta Partners. Vanta is a recruiting firm that helps technology companies grow and succeed by connecting them with new candidates that embody the intellectual, cultural, and emotional DNA at the core of their strategy. Because he specializes in recruiting for technology companies, he had to learn every single role so he could speak intelligently about the business and the industry.

Dean recently helped a local company grow from 25 to 150 employees over the course of a few years. Now he’s working with some of the best organizations in the area to find the highest caliber of talent and fit for their culture. He believes in the potential of the Capital Region, the deep pipeline of tech talent here and the power of true, human connection and relationships in finding that. Vanta also helps companies place nationally.

Dean is constantly working to separate Vanta from the rest of the recruiting industry. He knows from experience how little care and attention he was given when working with a recruiter and he made a commitment to follow up, be consistent, care, capitalize on teachable moments and more.

In recruiting, there’s a few pieces to the equation, he’s involved in every step to ensure it’s a right fit for both the employee and the candidate. If an opportunity doesn’t work out for a candidate, Dean actively looks to continue to help them, tell them why they weren’t right for the role and what they can do better and work on for the next time.

Dean prides himself on integrity, intelligence and energy. As for the future, we’re excited to see where Vanta goes!