Member Highlight: Jonathan Masullo, J Masullo Design

"Integrating a brand or message across multiple channels to create a cohesive campaign and make a sold first impression keeps my creative midn happy and my days busy." Jonathan Masullo - J Masullo Design

Jonathan’s experience has spanned from college intern to chief marketing officer and his professional career has anchored him in the Capital District for the last 15 years.

While he’s had a freelance “side hustle” for many years, Jonathan went out on his own full-time this past summer offering clients graphic design, online marketing, print production, and direct mail services.

“I like the challenge of taking complex information and using design to make it understandable. Taking ‘boring’ reports full of numbers and tables and giving them some life is something I actually enjoy.

Integrating a brand or message across multiple channels to create a cohesive campaign – making a solid first impression – keeps my creative mind happy and my days busy.

I’m still amazed by the process of print production – designing something from a sketch or my computer and ultimately being able to hold it makes print so much more satisfying to me than pure electronic marketing. The tactile and tangible nature of it – particularly based on audience – means print design isn’t going anywhere.

Meeting new people and creating long-lasting and mutually-beneficial relationships with clients has been exciting – being able to collaborate with other Garage members has been a great added benefit as well.”

Jonathan has been an awesome addition to our Garage community here and we’re lucky to have him! He’s your guy for any graphic design, print marketing and direct mail services.