Member Highlight: James Spencer, AGILE Ecosystems

"Innovation is the engine that drives the change that moves the world forward, forever fueliing our desire to continually improve the quality of life for ourselves, our families, our community and future generations." James Spencer Agile Ecosystems

#GarageMemberHighlight: If you’re looking for a thought-provoking conversation, sit down and talk with James Spencer. A seasoned vet in the world of startups and innovation, he’s seen it all (he even constructed a robot as a young kid). James is general wealth of knowledge in education, arts, community, engineering, robotics, technology, the Capital Region and more. Most importantly, he believes in the idea of human connection in technology and our future. In his past life he ran an incubator program and helped young businesses grow by providing them with the necessary support and financial and technical services – so he’s a great fit for what we’re doing here in our coworking community.

His new company, AGILE Ecosystems – Accelerated Global Innovation Leadership and Entrepreneurship is an idea that he’s had for a long while.

By definition, an ecosystem is a large community of living organisms in a particular area and the way that living and physical components are linked together through nutrient cycles and energy flows. AGILE Ecosystems uses a novel and powerful methodology that incorporates a precise mathematical model and unique process to identify, create, develop, integrate and optimize any ecosystem. This methodology provides the mindset and capability to address and solve complex challenges in all types of environments through strategic planning. This practice captures a way to systematically model, create, repair and transform ecosystems to sustain personal, community and global change for the greater good.

With a clear and fresh perspective, we’re excited to witness the enthusiasm that James has for what the future holds.