Member Highlight: DANG!

"We started making video games together in college and we haven't been able to stop." - Fuller Taylor - Dang!

#GarageMemberHighlight: DANG! is an independent game studio that focuses on creating novel and experimental games. This group of friends met during their time at RPI through it’s Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences program, and have been making games together ever since. DANG! is primarily interested in making games with a solid aesthetic hook and mechanics previously unexplored in other games.

For a quick sample, check out Dino Dearest and woo the hearts of some Cool Cretasaurs at But if dating isn’t your thing, try out their IGF nominated hacking simulator IO Interloper at Currently DANG! is working on Boomerang X, an expansion of a game jam that they created a couple years back. It’s a game where you wield a strange boomerang to both slay increasingly wild enemies and teleport around the arena. You can check out a demo here

We’re extremely excited to have them here at The Garage and further strengthening the advanced gaming cluster in downtown Troy. It’s amazing to watch the amount of talent that goes into the backend of creating a game from artists and musicians to developers and programmers. It’s a science.

To stay updated with all of the cool things they are doing, check them out on Twitter ( and subscribe to their mailing list