Inspect Point expanding internationally, adds VP of business development

As seen in the Albany Business Review:

Jennifer Doyle is co-founder and VP of customer success for Inspect Point.

The Troy software startup Inspect Point is ready to sell to a new set of customers with the expansion of its platform.

Inspect Point’s software allows fire protection companies to manage building inspections, proposals, invoices and service tickets through a cloud-based application. Installing the systems is a one-time deal that companies do on their own, but when they get contracts for continuous inspection and maintenance and repairs, Inspect Point can be helpful in managing that business.

The software’s customers are mostly in the U.S., but its market potential in Canada is expanding with the recent addition of ULC standards and codes along with translation of the product into French Canadian.

The addition allows the startup to branch into business with some of the Canada’s larger contractors. It had previously been working with companies there mostly on sprinkler systems, said Jennifer Doyle, co-founder and head of customer relations for the company.

“Now we can talk to those larger contractors that have the sprinklers, the fire alarms, the fire extinguishers, the emergency lights — [companies] like that that have the whole umbrella,” Doyle said.

Inspect Point’s projection for this year — which Doyle said is on track — is to double revenue and add hundreds of new clients. To do so, the company will need to continue hiring, Doyle said. The startup now has 30 workers, including a couple of contractors.

Recent hires include the addition of Chris Sharp as vice president of business development in May. Sharp, based in Charlotte, has years of experience working in the industry, including for the big-name manufacturing companies Viking Group and Tyco.

“His coming into the company has been to really help us align strategically with the distributors so that we can help streamline that stuff into the product for our users,” Doyle said.

New employees have the option to work remotely, though they can also work in space the startup rents in the Troy Innovation Garage.

Inspect Point was founded in 2014 by Doyle, her husband, Padraic Doyle — now CEO of Inspect Point — Phil Sirigiano and Drew Slocum.

Doyle said previously that the industry tends to move slowly regarding utilizing new technology, but it got a big boom in business when the pandemic hit because fire inspections needed to continue even though people were working remotely.