Garage Partner Profile: National Grid

When we found a vacant building in Downtown Troy and decided to create Troy Innovation Garage, a few organizations stepped forward right away and said “we can help you do that.”  National Grid was one of them.

The $50,000 we received from their Main Street Economic Development Grant was a critical piece of funding for us to replace all of the energy and electrical infrastructure, including energy efficient HVAC equipment and LED lighting, in this old historic building. This program is designed to assist communities in promoting “smart growth” and private sector investment in central business districts and commercial corridors that help their competitive viability, attract investment, and capitalize on their distinct development potential.

Nearly three years later, we are still so grateful to our friends at National Grid for being one of the first companies to believe in our project.  We are proud now to walk them through the space, and introduce them to a community of 125 professionals that call Troy Innovation Garage home. National Grid continues to do great work for our region and revitalizing our downtowns, and our project is one small example of the impacts they have.