Member Highlight: Albany Can Code

"The opportunity to learn the fundamental skills that coding can teach - problem solving, creativity, persistence in learning, collaborating with others - should be available to everyone, no matter who they are, what schools they attend or how much money they have. Education is a fundamental right, and a good education is fastest road to a lifetime of opportunity. Annmarie Lanesy & Stacy Bressette - Albany Can Code

#GarageMemberHighlight: Annmarie Lanesey and Stacy Bressette are the driving force and powerhouses behind Albany Can Code. Albany Can Code, Inc is a non-profit educator providing tools & structures to Capital Region employers, educators and the public to grow the Tech Valley area. Since 2016, Albany Can Code has been promoting inclusivity and diversifying talent in the Capital Region’s tech industry through their hands-on career training for adults, computer coding courses and mentoring program for students in grades K-12.

The most inspiring thing about this workforce development program is that it disrupts the status quo and provides an opportunity for ALL types of local people from different backgrounds to pursue a career in the regional software development industry or simply discover a new skill they never may have had a chance to learn about before. The mission is to shift mindset about who can work in technology, remove cultural and economic barriers to joining the tech workforce, and establish and promote pathways to tech careers throughout the region. Classes are hosted all over the region, and include front end web development, javascript frameworks, and more.

With a combined 30 + years in technology and innovation, a creative mindset and a strong passion for strengthening the Capital Region, this team has momentum to make things happen. This is evident in the fact that this past year they graduated the highest number of students in the program’s history, and it’s only growing stronger.

Kudos to the talent behind Albany Can Code and the good work they’re doing for our community and local tech industry. We’re SO happy to have these female rockstars in our community and we’re excited to collaborate over the next year.