Garage Social 3.0!

Every year we celebrate with an annual Garage Social. This year’s event was such an all around fun time, bringing a lot of life and diversity into the space, our alleyway and Downtown Troy. Creativity at it’s finest, we had a great time tapping into some local talent to make our evening special. Glitter tattoo artists, tarot card readings, break dancers, karaoke contests and more.

We’ll never stop celebrating our strong community of good, talented people here making a difference in the region and we’re excited to be able to give them a place to connect.

Were you SEEN at our Garage Social 3.0?

Health & Safety Message from Aurelius Coworks

Aurelius Coworks communities each have 12-point plans to meet and exceed CDC and State guidelines for cleanliness and safety to keep our members safe, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. We partner with a nationally respected cleaning supply company and use hospital grade cleaning solutions. Our community rules, like these cleaning protocols, are designed around the wellness of our members.