August Member Profile: Matt Wade, Jumpto365

#GarageMemberHighlight: Matt Wade has been a friendly, familiar face around the Garage community for the 3+ years. Matt has his Bachelors and Masters degree in civil engineering from the George Washington University and RPI, respectively.
Matt is an engineer-turned-IT nerd and Microsoft MVP award winner. Matt is a co-founder jumpto365, a company helping everyday people better navigate and understand their modern workplace in Office 365. His career began in the nuclear power design field and ended up in SharePoint adoption, pretty much by mistake.
He’s best known for his SharePoint and Office 365 infographics and advocating AI and chatbots to automate business workloads. A fun fact about Matt is that he was named a Top 25 SharePoint Influencer in 2019.
In addition to Office 365 and Microsoft Teams consulting and training, one of Matt’s great passions is presenting at conferences (pre-covid) getting people up to speed on the tools at their disposal. He typically speaks at four or five big conferences in the Microsoft space per year. He really enjoys the community aspect of these conferences and relationship building. The gatherings provide an opportunity to meet like-minded professionals on their home turf and within his own tech bubble.
Matt loves traveling and absorbing other cultures as well. He sees his travels as an educational experience that helps to better understand the world. Matt’s proud of the partners and network of peers he’s cultivated from around the globe that he can access as resources in a positive and productive way, in addition to genuine friendships. Regardless of culture, we aren’t as different as we think we are.
During these uncertain times and shifts as the way people work, Matt’s found an increased amount of people needing the tech training services that he provides. Part of the hurdle of getting people to change their behavior is coming to the conclusion that they may not be working the best, most productive way. Matt seeks to provide a human reason and solution that makes sense to them and makes it easier to change their behaviors.
Matt is a wealth of knowledge for all things Office 365 and we’re extremely grateful to have him as part of our Garage community. Follow Matt on social @thatmattwade!