Troy Innovation Garage Celebrates Three Years!

In March, Troy Innovation Garage celebrated its third birthday! When this special date rolls around, we take the time to reflect on the journey our founder Tom and his team took to build this space and fill it with such a vibrant and inspiring community of people. Leading up to our celebrations, we did some fun throwback posts on social media to remind ourselves of the construction days spent revitalizing this beautiful building on 4th street, and of course –admiring how far we’ve come since then.

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Since we’ve opened our doors, we have welcomed thousands of guests, watched teams and companies grow, shared great conversation, started new traditions (oh hey, #FrostyFriday crew), supported the small business community in downtown Troy and genuinely have enjoyed every minute of it.

Cheers to three years at the Garage and to many, many more!

Women and man celebrating

Party Favors and Polaroids on table

2 men walking down stairs with laptops

building entrance