Troy Innovation Garage Celebrates its 5 Year Anniversary

5 Years!
Stop by on March 9 to help celebrate this milestone
5 years ago, we celebrated the opening of Troy Innovation Garage. We had purchased a building that sat mostly vacant for over 30 years on 4th Street in Troy. We started with some vague ideas. We wanted to develop a community of creatives and startups. We wanted to create a real estate space that was different in every way – the look, how it operated, and making it easy to access. And we wanted to do something special to contribute in a bigger way in downtown Troy.
The Garage today is far more than we ever envisioned. Certainly, by the numbers. Over 300 people have called this place home, and over 5,000 have come here to visit. Our members have contributed over $2 million directly to downtown Troy’s economy. Over $80 million in wages have been paid here. Multiply those impacts.
But there are things more important than statistics for us. We all made new friends. New business partners. New investors. We sold our first businesses. We started new businesses. We created new creative collaborations at the coffee bar. And, most deeply impactful, we supported each other every single day in two of the darkest years in a generation.
Today, Troy Innovation Garage stands as not only the best coworking space in the Capital Region, but one of the best in the country. Our model has been copied and replicated several times already in the Capital Region and the State. And we frequently welcome leaders from around the country when they pass through the region.
It’s hard to describe how much we got battered the past two years, starting with a government-mandated total business shutdown. But we fought back, battled through, and have pieced things back together. We lost important progress, and are still catching up on some things, but we are finally back to where we were at the close of 2019.
Come back to visit us this week. Let’s all take time to celebrate a moment. We’d love to see you again!