Give the Gift of Community

Do you have a small business leader in your friends circle or family? Maybe you know that person who works from home every day, but could use a little time away. Then, we have the perfect gift for you – a day pass to the Troy Innovation Garage. Our community is filled with leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs, all working to…
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SPACES SPOTLIGHT: Tucked away in the back of The Garage is The Silver Room. Filled with images that remind us of Lennon, peace and New York, it’s perfect for a quiet escape for your group. And, when paired with the coworking space right outside the door (that’s a future Spaces Spotlight area), makes a great space for a full company…
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SPACES SPOTLIGHT: A view out our front window

SPACES SPOTLIGHT: While officially not our space, the view from our upstairs window on the open space across the street gets us every time. The above pic is from today. For the ones below, let’s travel back down memory lane. Do you like this view? Get your day pass today and you can come check it out for yourself.

SPACES SPOTLIGHT: The Garage Conference Room

SPACES SPOTLIGHT: When you come upstairs, you can’t miss the huge garage door that opens into The Garage conference room. This unique space is great for six to eight person meetings. The extra large table in the middle is made from some of the reclaimed wood of the original Troy Innovation Garage construction. If that’s not enough, we sometimes open…
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SPACES SPOTLIGHT: Not everyone likes to work at desks with chairs. Some of us (our marketing director included) need more space – we like to spread out – we like to have plenty of room around us. For us, these Huddle Booths are perfect working spaces. They’re also great for when you need to collaborate or brainstorm with your colleagues.

SPACES SPOTLIGHT: Lightning Bolt Logo

It’s always there, painted directly onto the original brick of the building. It’s like a beacon, reminding all those who work in the upstairs coworking space that innovation can strike like lightning. The space around the Lightning Bolt Logo may change (check out the old photo from 2019 we found in the archives), but that logo remains one of the…
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SPACES SPOTLIGHT: Every time we lead a tour, we hear about how great our spaces are. So, as the summer grinds on, we’re going to take the next few weeks to showcase some of those special spaces that help our creatives, entrepreneurs and start-up leaders to success. Our first space is our front entryway. Completed late last year by @ayzoridgedesign,…
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Celebrate International Coworking Day on August 9

On August 9, 2005, a software engineer introduced the concept of coworking through a blog post. Read more about the day here. Now, 18 years later, we’re proud to celebrate International Coworking Day – and all the success coworking has been worldwide. As a special thank you, we’re opening our spaces on August 9 to everyone. That’s right, come in, get…
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New Sign is Changing the Neighborhood

Our new sign is changing the entire neighborhood. If you were around The Garage in late November, you likely saw the final piece of the vision for the facade of our building. Special thanks to Ayzo Ridge Design for all their hard work. We love how the new sign lights up the whole neighborhood. For more pictures, check out our…
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We have a great address for your business

Mailbox Services In addition to coworking and offices, Troy Innovation Garage offers virtual office mailbox services to monthly members. We have a great, recognized business address in downtown Troy. Troy Innovation Garage is a perfect way to set roots in the Capital Region and gives off the right impressions for your clients and customers. It’s easy to do. Our on-site team manages a service plan for each and every Mailbox Membership. You can…
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